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Monday, February 20, 2006

When sending car to workshop...

Dear All, When sending car to workshop, pls remember to:
1.Only submit the car key (without the house keys, the extra steering lock key, etc.);
2.Take away apartment sticker so that they don't know where you stay.
Warning to women about the danger of giving their car keys with their house keys attached to anyone. A good friend's daughter went to a well known tyre company to have a flat repaired while she waited. Without thinking, she handed her key ring all her keys on it to the serviceman and waited. What she didn't know is that most of these places also have machines that make copies of keys. One of the servicemen copied her apartment key, and two days later entered her apartment late at night and raped her. This was a business she frequented, and they had all the information in their computer about where she lived, her phone number, etc. The man was caught months later and the police found out that he had done this before. He is now in jail, and my friend's daughter is trying to go on with her life. I called my daughter right away and told her this story so she could learn from it, too. Please, warn everyone to have their personal keys on another key ring or hav e a key ring that separates the car keys from one's personal keys. Perhaps this will save another woman from tragedy.

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