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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Be extra happens in petrol station...lady pls take note......]

> Hi friends,
> Below is an important incident...especially for ladies drivers to take
> note.... Don't be too good a person....especially a lady driver....pls
> forward to as many as people as possible...
> There is one story .. for those who drive a car must be careful.....I
> heard from my friend, at 12 pm at the Petrol Station...The story goes like
> this....
> One night, a lady who went to the Petrol Station ....After she finished
> putting the petrol, she wants to go into her car to drive home.... But
> when she opened her car door to sit down...suddenly she saw a man sitting
> in her car on the Right hand side back of her car seat. This lady got a
> shock.
> The man told her, "Lady, I have no transport to go back home. I keep
> walking but cannot find my way back home. Can you
> drive me back?"
> The lady was very scared & refused him, saying she was not convenient to
> drive him back. But the man refused to come out of her car & begged her
> for help to drive him back home. The lady was scared of this man & told
> this man these words, "Ok, I will drive you home then, but my reverse back
> of the car is bad as I scared to knock down anything behind the car. Can
> you help me to go down to take a look while I reverse my car?"
> This smiling young man come down from the car & walked to the back of the
> car to prepare to help the lady take a look for her while she reversed her
> car. Now, the lady quickly went into the car & locked the car & drove out
> immediately!
> Her heart almost break out. She was very lucky to escape from this
> dangerous trap. She finally reached home. She released a sigh of
> relief.....When she wanted to come down from her car, she took a look at
> the right hand side back of her car seat & .found ...... a HAMMER.....
> So, please be kind to forward this email to any of your friends...
> wherever you can...

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